Pura Vida ÉXITO d.o.o. was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Zagreb, with the current phase of launching a branch in Madrid.

We started with the desire of connecting internationally the Croatian market with the Spanish market, in order to develop quality and attractive brands worldwide.


We have our team of professionals, business partners and subcontractors with whom we are developing a complete strategy and jointly offering services in all the stages of the project, from dream to realization.

In the past, we have successfully collaborated with all the major shopping malls, supermarkets and other sales channels.


If you are interested in positioning your brand on the Croatian and / or Spanish market, feel free to contact us because our expert team will offer you quality solutions!

OUR MISSION: Build trust and recognition of international cooperation!

VISION: Become leaders in the brand development of Spanish and Croatian products!

 Your vision is our mission!